Monday, May 08, 2006

Welcome to the BlueFrogWorld

Hello and welcome to the BlueFrogWorld blog!

You don't know what the Blue Frog is?? Really?
Where have you been in the last few days when a big war began between evil spammers and the Blue Frog Anti-Spam community of Blue Security?

If you haven't heard about this war, you probably had Internet connection problems this week: three items at, some front-page items at, various articles in technology magazines and hundreds of blogs.
I'll write a list of some relevant links so you'll be able to read the whole story (and I can get away from writing here a long blog with all details by myself...)

So if there was such a noise about it, why am I adding another blog? Because I really believe in the success of the Blue Frog so I decided to contribute to the fight against spammers.
Apparently, the Internet is currently being ruled by criminals!
How come we all agree to receive tons of annoying spam messages to our personal mail boxes? We've suffered this situation for too long. It is time for a change! A blue one!

So I've decided to try helping in my modest way. I plan to maintain this blog by writing any information I have that can help the Blue Frog community win this war against spam.

I'll start with a short story about Blue Security and the Blue Frog community:

Once upon a time (last summer...) I entered my mail account and saw the daily messages that I "love" so much to receive (fake Viagra ads, 'enlarge your penis' invitations, etc.). And then I saw an article about a new startup company named Blue Security.
I loved their idea! This is what they do:

In short: Fight spammers and make them STOP sending spam to Blue Frog community members.

In details:
  • Blue Security maintains a list of protected email addresses and domains in their Do Not Intrude Registry.
  • The target: make spammers stop sending mails to addresses in this registry of protected addresses.
  • How can spammers be forced to stop sending mails?
    • Members of the Blue Frog community reports their received spam messages to Blue Security (using some automatic tools of Blue Security).
    • Blue Security analyse the received spam messages.
    • Members of the Blue Frog community install a small tray-icon desktop application. This application is called "Blue Frog". What does it do?
      • Connects to Blue Security's servers and receives instructions for automatically performing opt-out requests:
        • Each frog sends opt-out requests ('remove me from your mailing lists') to Web sites advertised by spam messages reported by the owner (a real person) of the each Blue Frog.
        • A single opt-out request is sent for each reported spam message (1 eye for 1 spam).
    • Many out-out requests reaches the Web sites of the evil spammers. Spammers become significantly annoyed. Instead of losing time and money, spammers have an easy choice: simply clean their mailing lists (using a cleanup tool of Blue Security) and stop sending messages to the Blue Frog community that requested in a loud voice: "DO NOT INTRUDE MY MAIL BOX!!!".
    • In addition, Blue Security reports about the evil spam sites to various authorities. You can see some statistics and details in the members site:
  • That's it in short. Sounds simple, right? All you've got to do is:
    • Download & install the Blue Frog application and register to the community:
    • Report your spam messages:
      • Webmail users: There's a cool extension for Firefox and Internet Explorer for automatically reporting spam messages. It's included in the Blue Frog installation.
      • Thunderbird users: There's another extension for Thunderbird:
      • Other mail systems: you'll probably find some solutions for automatically or manually reporting at the active community site:
    • Wait for Blue Security to do the hard work for you and hopefully start enjoying your email again (without spam messages everywhere...).
I think it's long enough for the first entry of a new blog...

Just a short explanation about the war of the last few days: after some success Blue Security had with making big spammers clean their lists, one evil spammer decided to attack Blue Security and the whole Internet: email threats, DDoS attack against Blue Security, DDoS attack against Tucows and blog sites and some other criminal actions.

We (the sane Internet users) must join this fight and help Blue Security make the Internet be a better place with much less spam and spammers!

Some war related links:!discloc=.3c546436

For blog items, search for "Blue Security" or "Blue Frog" at

See you soon...